Monday, March 22, 2010


Wow, this has officially been the worst week of blogging ever, I'm so sorry! Not that anyone checks back that often but I really would like to be more regular about this thing.

So some not so exciting news to share, I had a pretty action packed weekend and ended up totaling my car which is not good at all. Someone decided to drop an entire gnarly metal bed frame and large mattress in front of me on the freeway and I saw it suddenly and successfully dodged it and then dodged traffic in surrounding lanes, but because of the speed and sudden turns my car ended up spinning out of control, doing a full 360 across a couple lanes, crashed into the concrete wall with the front of the car at about 60 miles per hour, spun around, slide back words some feet and then crashed into the wall again with the back end of my car leaving me the facing the wrong direction with a super smashed up car. The good news is.... I am completely fine and uninjured! Which is insane. I somehow didn't hit any other cars as I was spinning around and around across the freeway at 4 in the afternoon. I had my seat belt on and although I'm super sore, nothing is broken or bruised!

On one hand, I'm super bummed that I crashed my super awesome car... but on the other, it feels like one of those near death experiences where your just EXTREMELY happy to be alive afterwards, you know? I keep telling myself it could have been so much worse and then I'm not so sad about it all. Also, it looks like my insurance should cover everything (hopefully) so it's just a matter of time figuring out is it fixable (doesn't look like it) and then if not finding a new reasonably priced vehicle which may leave me without a car for like a month. Sigh. It's okay. Life is good. I am alive and well. SO all that to say, it's been a rough week, and maybe I will be blogging more as I am going to be stuck at home? There's always some positive that comes out of the negative you know? More blogging, not dying or getting paralyzed....three very good things!


  1. Wow, scary experience - I feel shivers down my spine just reading that. Shame about your car BUT the most important thing is that you're okay and nothing happened to you. That's what's really important after all - a car can be replaced but your life can't! xxx

  2. oh my goodness! so scary. i'm glad you are okay -- what a blessing. i had a similar experience about a year ago, so i can really relate. it's completely traumatizing even when you're safe. (mine happened on a curved freeway overpass, and now every time i drive on one i start to shake.) sadly i got burned on my arm from the airbag (scarred) and bruised my shin bone (possibly for good - it's still there after 1 year).

    anyway, thank heavens you were safe! and hope you are emotionally recovering too :)

    AND ALSO i just love your vintage shop and your stationery too. isn't it fun?

  3. Heyyyy glad to hear you are unharmed. i peeked into ur blog time to time you see. =)
    AMEN to "There's always some positive that comes out of the negative!"

  4. Scary indeed but all is good :) Angela, that sounds terrifying!! I haven't driven on the freeway since bahh....!