Monday, April 19, 2010

Photoshoot with the Rock and Roll Dance Patrol

Just wanted to share a few of my favorite images from this weekends photo shoot with the Rock and Roll Dance Patrol- a zany DJ Dance Party performance group based out of Phoenix, Arizona. These are probably 5 of the silliest dudes full of the most BFF man love ever and so we had a pretty fun time. If you happen to be from Phoenix be sure to come out to their show on Friday April 30th at Rips in Phoenix. They will be performing at the Sticky Fingers Launch party the valleys only all rock & roll dance party hosted by DJ William Reed!


  1. These photos are great! And they're so funny! Love love love love love it!

  2. These guys are so stupid. What's with that wierdo in the black tights? GROW UP MAN! That long haired man is a real looker though. What's his number?

  3. Thanks Gracie! And Mark, you are out of control.