Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shop Update

Just wanted to share a few images of this weekends photo shoot with the lovely Destiny. Sooo many super cute pieces to put up in the shop in the next 24 hours! Stay tuned :)


  1. All of those outfits rule! They will sell in a heartbeat...the photos are ok too I guess.

  2. You have some cute dresses! Found ya on Weardrobe!
    How do you get the "poof" in your hair? Mine is long, but hangs really flat! Stop by, I am having a give-away. Will be following you, too! The polka dot jumper and yellow plaid will go quick!

  3. Hi, ohh I'm such a an idiot at this programming stuff, I've just erased I think my comment:(

    Anyway just wanted to say that you look so fresh and sweet and young and fashionable..and ohh how I love the dresses:)

    Thank you for finding the time to leave me a comment, it really means a lot.

    Good luck with the shop, what a coincidence, I own one in my town too:)

    I've registered myself as a follower so that I can keep track of your posts more easily:)

    Lots of hugs