Monday, July 19, 2010

Fairy Tale Reunion Series: The Final Piece

I know everyone has been on the edge of their seat waiting for this so here you go ;)! For anyone who was not able to make it to the exhibition just wanted to share the final images we used and a little bit of our process. Basically there were 7 different collaborative groups with artists of all different mediums from dance to photography to painting etc. Each group was given a word to prompt their creative process and this is what our group created around the word REUNION. We wanted to do something fun and light hearted that would make people smile but also that had a deeper meaning.  Here is our artist statement:

In order for a reunion to occur there has to be an initial separation or a break in the original union. Sometimes this separation happens because of distance, time or in many cases conflict. In this sense reunion is the return from disharmony or disconnection to harmony and connection. When a conflict stands between two parties, the conflict must be resolved before they can live in union again.

This piece tells the story of reunion through the familiar backdrop of fairy tales. In each scene, previously opposing characters are brought together to enjoy an activity that brings a new sort of harmony. In these retold visual stories, the point of conflict becomes the hinge upon which their relationship turns.

Artists: Joseph Barbier, Natalie Krick, Tiffany Egbert

Models: Elisabeth Wallace, Elina Zavala, Sunny McCarty, Jason Duff, Natalie Krick

Medium: Photography + Illustration


  1. HOORAY!!!! I'm sort of in love with that Alice in Wonderland picture :) Great job to all, models and photographers alike!

  2. Oooooh, I love them! I really love the illistrations, but the photographs are great too! I love the alice in wonderland one!
    And it was a greta idea, using fairytales!

  3. Lovely pieces! Wish I could have been at the exhibition.

  4. cute pics! love it :)