Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kitten Paws Photoshoot with Hello Mikey!

This weekend I got to shoot with a super cool kid named Mikey J! When I was designing for Spraygraphic he was one of our models but I never actually knew him until recently when we ran into each other a few times out and about.  The shoot was awesome. Generally I go to overgrown out in the middle of nowhere foresty type places but for this shoot we went to downtown Phoenix which was a lot of fun. Theres so many great textures with all the walls some bare some painted by artists and shop owners. Oh yeah, and you don't have to deal with the wilderness. Less bugs less tree branches trying to kill you etc :)

If you couldn't tell, Mikey was an excellent model! On top of his ability to always look awesome, he's also a really talented artist. Check out his work at hellomikey. LOVE IT!

PS all this stuff is going up in the shop on Friday, along with some super cute girls stuff! Get excited...........!


  1. i just have to say, he is the cutest guy i have ever seen...
    (i hope he doesnt mind me using the word 'cute'.)
    but he is.

  2. Any one should appreciate being called the cutest! He will not be offended :)