Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011

Hello friends and family! We are now in a new year how exciting!! 2010 was a pretty exciting year for me and I really have a lot of hope and dreams for 2011!

Just a few highlights from this past year:

1. Spending time in China over the winter
2. Designing and launching the new website
3. Starting this blog (woot!)
4. Spending the summer in NYC making new friends, creating art, and growing deeper in my relationship with Christ
5. Having art on display in a gallery in NYC (!!)
6. Getting my boyfriend back after a year of him being in China :D
7. Doing design and photography work for some incredible clients
8. Having artwork at galleries in downtown phoenix for first fridays first in May for a Spraygraphic group show at the Phoenician Association, then in June at Fractal and finally in November at DayTwelve
9. Having an interview in the Phoenix New Times and being named one of Phoenix's top creatives!
10. Being featured on weardrobe and chictopia
11. Launching a mens line for KittenPawsVintage
12. Meeting some new incredible friends

Plans/Hopes/Dreams for 2011

1. SCREEN PRINTING: I just started a freelance design job with a company that does screen printing among other things which means I get access to their equipment and I hope to start doing my own screen printing and design and print a small line of adorable tees. Soooo excited about this!

2. MARKETING: This year I'd really like to grow KittenPaws doing more advertising and interacting with other small businesses locally and through the interwebs

3. ILLUSTRATION: I just started a daily illustration project I'm super excited about. My drawing skills are so rusty so this project will be really good for me.

4. TRAVEL: Last year I took two big trips that left me out of state and country for almost half of the year. This year I don't have any big trips planned but I'd really like to visit some friends that have moved away to LA, Portland, and NYC

5. REDEMPTION CHURCH: My church, Praxis has merged with another church to become Redemption Church, super excited about this and can't wait to see how the community comes together

6. WEB DESIGN: I've been doing more web design lately which I love. I already have a couple of super amazing clients that I am so excited to continue to work with

7. PHOTOGRAPHY: I hope to work on some more conceptual photo projects as well as continue doing fashion and portrait work

8. YOGA: I want to get into yoga. When I was in college I took a few dance and theater classes and yoga was an important part of many of our warm up excercises. I really enjoyed this time and would love to do something physically challenging again.

9. COACHELLA: Hopefully going to Coachella for the first time EVER!!!

10. FASHION FOCUS: I hope to make this blog a little bit more fashion focused including more inspiration posts and what I wore posts :)


  1. You and Andre always have a place to stay if you ever come to Chicago! :)

  2. Happy New Year! I love your plans for the year...especially the screen printing! That sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

  3. I wish my church had much more sense of community. So many times I feel it lacks unity. That must have been so hard to be away from your boyfriend that long. I am so glad you have been reunited!

  4. Amanda- maybe this summer when Andre finishes school we will come and visit! That would be so incredible :)

  5. Kristi- thanks for reading :) I am sooo excited about screen printing too!! I'm hopefully going to make my first prints next week and if they are any good I'll be sure to share :)

    Victoria - community is so important especially in a church, right? That's a huge reason I looove my church! And yes doing the whole across the world long distance thing is noooo fun and I am so glad to have him back :)

    PS thank you both so much for following and all the blog love this past year :)!