Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Engagement Story: Christina and Dominic Part 1



Hello all! Just wanted to share a few photos from yesterdays engagement shoot with a ridiculously adorable couple Christina and Dominic. Capturing moments between these two was such a blast and it was so wonderful to get to know them both. We came up with a ton of amazing shots these are only a handful.  Once I'm done editing I'm going to have to share some more :)

One of the fun things about this shoot was we explored a few places I'd never been to before. We found a pretty amazing pecan orchard that I think was my favorite spot out of the day. We also found another abandoned dairy farm which was pretty cool. The ceilings were super high and there was a second floor but the stairs had been taken out. You could see the windows of the upstairs from outside and I so badly wanted to explore but it would have been kind of impossible (and really dangerous) without those stairs. We also revisited a spot I hadn't been to in a few months which was this abandoned house and it had been torn down! Also another abandoned house with the most incredible vintage wallpaper I've been going to had caution tape on the door ways which means they will probably tear it down soon. So saddd :( But it just forces me to find more awesome photo spots and not get into a rut of always going to the same places.

Any who hope you enjoy these photos of this amazing couple and hope your enjoying your weekend very much :)


  1. So adorable :) Beautiful shots every last one. Love the two of them walking away hand in hand with their instruments strung around their backs. Too sweet :)

  2. great photos! You really captured their love for each other well!

  3. These are so precious! You have captured the joy and happiness in their hearts. Their love is evident. :) The coloring and settings are fantastic.

  4. Thanks you guys! Most of the work I do is fashion or portrait style usually with just one subject so I was a little bit nervous but I think they turned out quite lovely :)