Saturday, February 5, 2011

Outfit of the Day :)

Hello all! So as my blog has been growing cobwebs I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to finish projects that kind of seem never ending. I do like to be busy especially with "real work" but I'm sometimes not great about creating a set schedule and budgeting out my time appropriately soooo I've been a bit exhausted lately.

Besides being busy with work stuff so many fun and exciting things have been going on. I went to my first hot yoga class this week which was quite intense. I was pretty nervous going into it. I was really afraid it was going to be like that sweat lodge cult retreat thing in Sedona where a bunch of people died but I MADE IT OUT ALIVE!!! Really sweaty and disgusting but alive. The whole time I was thinking "I'm never doing hot yoga again" but after I got out of the room and cooled off I felt AMAZING. It makes you feel so terrible and disgusting that when it's all over you are left feeling soooo good and euphoric. It's basically a mind game. The lil endorphins in my brain were saying PARTY PARTY PARRRRTY right now!! And I can't deny them. So moral of the story, I have to go back! I also got a pass for another yoga studio that is just normal yoga (not hot yoga) so that might be a little bit less sweaty and intense we will see.

There's a ton more thats happened in the last couple of weeks but I'll save that for the next entry which will hopefully be very soon :)

As for the outfit picture I was super excited to wear this dress today as it's finally started getting warmer out! So happy to see the sun  today :)

Dress: Vintage Patty Petite
Hat: Vintage Mink Fur Pill Box
Tights: Target
Shoes: Vintage PM Collection by 925 Black Pumps


  1. LOVE that dres on you! you look wonderful! your hair is sooo yummy in these pics! BIG love x

  2. This is incredible. Sorry you feel your blog's been gathering cobwebs. Glad you're alive too.

    So because I adore this outfit so much I'm making it yesterday's Modest Fashion inspiration of the day (since I wasn't online yesterday to do one). It will be posted here: and later on today it will be posted on my own personal blog too.

    Keep it up. . .and I always want to buy your clothes in your shop!! Have a few in my favourites (although one I really wanted sold, oh well).

  3. Thank you both for the sweet comments!

    Victoria - thank you especially for keeping up with the blog even when I've been MIA. The cobwebs are my fault for not updating regularly so I take full responsibility for that ha. And thank you for the feature, that means a lot to me! Too sweet :)

  4. Super cute outfit and blog :) I shall definitely be back to read more and follow you. I found you from an interview on Newtimes Phoenix.

  5. Thanks Van for the kind words and follow :)