Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inspiration: Many Belles Down, Dance + Fashion

I LOVE THIS VIDEO. Seriously so much.

So it's getting down the wire on video making time. I know I mentioned it a bit ago but things are finally coming together for the Kitten Paws Vintage summer lookbook video! It's going to be pretty rad and I'm super excited about it. A few hints: There may possibly be dancing. There may possibly be roller skating. There will definitely be pretty girls in pretty vintage clothing. There may possibly be many wonderful things that are yet to be revealed. We have the basic concept-ing, music, a stylist, a choreographer, a videographer, and models. Still looking for possibly 1 or 2 more models and nailing down the wardrobe and some other details but it looks like it's really going to happen and all the pieces are coming together :) Can.not.wait.

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