Friday, April 1, 2011

Outfit of the Day


Outfit Details:
Dress: unknown vintage
Headband: Kitten Paws (hand made)
Vintage Red Shoes: Naturalizers

I love this dress so much! When I bought it it had one sleeve hah. So I ripped the sleeve off making it sleeveless. It turns out the dress is not super well made little bits and pieces keep falling apart on it but I love it too much to care. It's definatley still very wearable although if someone took a closer look they might think I was somewhat of a mess ;)

This week was so strange. Work schedule was super random and sparse and I've been super tired the last few days which turns out apparently I'm catching a bug. I took my vitamins and other precautions today but I think my immune system doesn't care and is going to crash on me anyway.

Besides feeling a bit under the weather things are pretty swell. Just finished the shop update (yayy!) and officially signed a lease on a super cute house which I will be moving into May 1st. The best part of it is that it comes with a desert tortoise that has lived in the backyard since 1965. House mascot, check! Can't wait to move in :) !!

1 comment:

  1. this dress IS beautiful! I'm glad that you were able to fix it up to suit you better with the issues it had. I hope you feel much better! That's really neat about the tortoise!!!!