Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Upcoming Art Show at RUA Gallery Ohio


A couple of summers ago when I was interning with Transform NYC I met a super sweet and talented couple, Mike and Sarah Puckett. Well at the time they were Mike Puckett and Sarah Riedel two extremely kick butt painters who met, collaborated on some amazing art works, fell and love, got married and started a really cool Studio + Gallery called RUA in Ohio.

This year I've been invited to contribute to the 2011 Small Works show at RUA and am super excited! I just mailed out a box of perdy photos for the show and am hoping and praying they arrive in tact with no broken glass/picture frames. I won't actually get to go to the show but if anyone reading is in the area please check it out and take pictures for me! Theres going to be somewhere between 100-200 works by a number of artists from all over the US.  It should be a lot of fun and a ton of really great art. Check out more information here.

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  1. Thanks for being in the show! It was great seeing your work!