Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kitten Paws Vintage Lookbook Test Video

Just wanted to share our little tester video Silas shot in preparation for the summer lookbook video we are getting ready to put together. We didn't really have any specific concept behind this one just kind of did some detail shots of a few different pieces the lovely Nicole was wearing during the last photoshoot as she explored about an abandoned house. The main goal of this shoot was just to kind of help me get an idea of how the video process worked and to start the brain storming on our official video lookbook. It was pretty fun and turned out neat so I thought I would share. Enjoy :)

Ps most of the pieces featured in the video are currently for sale in the shop


  1. ahh love this. That sweater is one I've wanted to buy but it is getting warm out so I haven't. I love that pink prom looking dress too. so cute!! Love the video.

  2. Thanks for watching and the sweet comments :) The pink dress is soooo pretty!