Friday, May 20, 2011

Come Sail Away with Me

Hello lovelies! Just wanted to break up the teaser posts with a lil outfit post. Above is todays outfit of the day somewhat sailor inspired. I absolutely love the over exaggerated collar and bright reds on this dress. This dress will very likely be going into the next shop update (oooohlala!)

In other news I watched the rough cut of the lookbook video last night and it's looking pretty excellent. I should be releasing the official photo lookbook very soon followed by the video annnnd a little summer makeover to the Kitten Paws Vintage website which has not been updated since it's conception in 2009. Wow! Ooooh and there's going to be a pretty fantastic shop update coming your way this weekend. So many good things happening here!! Hope you all are having an amazing week :)

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