Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Daze

It's been over a couple weeks since I've done an outfit post so here we are! It's been crazy hot here lately so I've been wearing a lot of extremely comfortable sleeveless cotton dresses. I'm still rockin the cowboy boots, which is not the most practical in 115 degree weather, but I love them too much ;)

I had quite a fantastic day yesterday. It started out with getting the AC fixed in my car which was glorious. I've pretty much always had a crappy car with little to no air conditioning so this was a really big deal. My first Arizona summer with a working air conditioning in my car!!! Totally different life experience :) In between dropping and picking up my car yesterday I pretty much got to hang out with Andre all day which was awesome. We started out with brunch at my one of my most favorite places then watched Breakfast at Tiffanys, which neither of us had seen before. Later in the evening we went on a double date with a few friends and finished the night off with a suprise b-day party for lovely Maria and then going away party for Nick-aroo. Pretty much got to see so many of my favorite people last night and it was pretty darn great :)

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