Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Yum and Vegetarianism

This is sort of my first "food post" and is by no means a recipe, more an ode to things I think are very tasty. One of my favorite things to eat right now is a delicious summer salad with strawberries and apples, so yummy! I also love it with Cranberry, Walnut and Gorgonzola Salad dressing from Trader Joes = the best!

On a tangent about fruits and vegetables and vegetarianism, for most of my adult life people have assumed I'm a vegetarian, I think mainly because I'm pale and artsy looking and somewhat thin-ish and that is how vegetarians look, right?!? No, not really. I really don't mind when people assume that, it's just funny how often it happens. Ironically as of late I've sort of become an accidental vegetarian. I generally lean towards foods and restaurants that are vegetarian friendly. I don't remember when the last time was I bought any sort of meat item from the grocery store. I do occasionally like a good sandwich which might be hard to give up if I decided to become a real vegetarian. I don't really have any moral reason to become a vegetarian it just seems like something that may happen as I seem to be less and less interested in meaty things. I guess it's something I really should research even if I don't go all the way, just to make sure I'm getting the balanced diet I need with or without meat. 

Anyone reading a vegetarian or vegan and want to give your experience or share any resources or favorite recipes? I'd love to get feedback :) 


  1. Add candied walnuts. And if you're into cheese: Gorgonzola. Double yum.

  2. I was a super vegetarian for awhile, mostly all through ASU, but lately I've been the worst "vegetarian" ever! I don't know if it's because Chicago offers me so many delicious options, veggie or otherwise, or if it's just a natural progression of tastebuds...either way, I almost wish I had never categorized myself as a vegetarian simply because it's now a pain in the butt to explain to people that I now eat (some) meats! I'd say just eat what you like, and leave it at that. If you become an "accidental vegetarian" like you said, so be it. :)

  3. Thanks for your insight Amanda! I think I like the idea of not putting labels on things and just generally enjoying food whether it be meaty or not so meaty. I guess the thing I need to be aware of right now is while I'm not eating a lot of meat that I get all the proteins I need elsewhere and find a balance which is why I'm kind of interested in finding some new recipes etc to try out :D