Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rampage Grunge Rock.

I'm pretty sure Rampage makes the most awesome 90s floral printed gruge dresses, ever. Just swooped this one up from Goodwill earlier this week and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites :) I was having kind of a bad day when I found it. My car had broken down and while waiting for my ride I decided to walk to the Goodwill which luckily was not a mirage in the distance. So kind of crappy lame situation turned into awesome. Instead of waiting outside in the 115 degree heat I went shopping and found a new favorite dress for $10, win! Anyone else have a nearly disastrous day/week turned awesome by the little things?

Ps on a side note car troubles just ended up being the battery which is the least of car problems you can have. I was rescued and then jumped by friends and my dad came over and put a new battery in. Seriously I'm so blessed....!

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