Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shop Update Preview Part 1

Above area  few of my favorite images from this upcoming weekends Kitten Paws Shop update photoshoot with the lovely Miss Nicole. After a long hot summer of not updating the shop at all I have a TON of new items to add including the above. On top of new vintage pieces I will also officially be adding some of my handmade headpieces to the shop! I've been preparing for this for awhile so I am very excited about it :)

This is actually only the first half of the items for this weekends update there were just so many I didn't want to image overload. So stay posted, more to come tomorrow :)


  1. i so don't need a wedding dress...but i want ALL the ones you have in store!! awesome finds....so jealous. ;)

  2. Hahah!! Seriously. Vintage wedding dresses are my favorite to find. I am not married but hope to be one day so it's hard because sometimes I find really cool ones and want to keep them for myself. Even if they don't fit I think "I could get this altered!" But then I'd have a closet full of wedding dresses and it'd be awkward....and I'm sure by boyfriend would not be weirded out by that at all hahaha ;)!