Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Favorite Accessory

My favorite little guy was out just in time for a few outfit photos! He was out twice today maybe because it's getting a tiny bit cooler outside.

About this outfit: I may or may not have bought this dress in the childrens section, you decide ha! Paired with fancy new (old) cowboy boots, one of my favorite handmade headbands and a vintage handmade owl necklace. I'm feelin' a bit like a flower child today. Hope everyone is having a lovely day :)


  1. You always have some appearance of a flower child and I love it! This dress is especially great. I have found so many good garments that were placed in the kids section!

  2. Why thank you love! I actually found two really awesome (kids) dresses that same day and can't wait to wear the second! I don't usually look there but something had caught my eye and I decided to take a peak. Apparently I am the size of a large child hah ;)

  3. nice outfit :D
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  4. This dress is super sweet!!