Monday, October 10, 2011

What We Wore

Andre and I had the most excellent day date yesterday at The Farm At South Mountain. We got brunch at their Morning Glory Cafe and it was absolutely deeellish! I got the South Mountain Omelet which I would HIGHLY recommend if you are a local. Goat cheese + local farm grown veggies + salsa verde =yum town. After brunch we walked around snapped a few photos and talked about life. It was quite a wonderful and refreshing time.

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  1. aww how nice! yey for dates and looking good while going on them together! How many inches is your hair? I used to have 34" but right now I have 30" (I had dreadlocks for a while and had to cut them completely and am almost back to how my hair was before). Your hair looks like it's 45"!!! crazy!