Thursday, December 1, 2011

Music: He's My Brother She's My Sister

He's My Brother She's My Sister - "How'm I Gonna Get Back Home Tonight" from elliot glass on Vimeo.

Over the weekend I went to two different amazing shows one of which the band He's My Brother She's My Sister was playing. I hadn't heard of them until that morning when a friend invited me to the show but after watching several YouTube videos I knew I had to see them live. Sooo glad I did! They had such an incredible sound and their percussion just happens to be a girl tap dancing on top of a drum. Seriously ON TOP of a drum! Oh yeah, and did I mention they rock the vintage like nobodies business??! Pretty Fantastic.....


  1. The best part is that the band is mostly made up of a family. So happy you posted about them.

  2. Seriously! They are too wonderful. Have you seen them live?

  3. Ah, no! I've missed them the last two times they were here (mostly because the last shows have been 21+). I found out about them through mutual friends, but they certainly are wonderful!