Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dark Hair Dark Lips

Outfit Details: Handmade Kitten Paws Greek Goddess Headband
Ramage 90s Velvet Grunge Dress
So I decided to go a bit darker on the red and I really like it! Unfortunately red fades pretty fast so it won't be this dark for long but I think it'll fade better than the more orangey red I've been going with lately. I happened to find a darker shade of lipstick in my makeup bag this morning that matched my hair perfectly which is a little bit creepy little bit awesome. It made me feel a little bit goth grunge so I decided to wear this fun 90s Velvet Rampage dress.

On a side note one of my semi New Years resolution things is to get out of my garage and a little bit more creative with my outfit photos. It mostly means asking people for help and getting out of my comfort zone with the possibility of other people seeing me make weird faces and poses ha.


  1. Aaah! Your hair looks so awesome! :)

  2. wow is your hair really that long or do you have extensions? you look stunning, woman. :)

    also i just wanted to let you know i got the "smitten as a kitten" print a while ago and now it's up on my wall. so cute! thanks again. <3

  3. Thanks Cassie! Elanor, the hair is all real haha :) So glad you got the print okay!

  4. I love the silhouette of your dress. You look beautiful

  5. Aww thanks Stephanie! I love the way it poofs out on the bottom. It also has a really cool criss cross back which I forgot get photos of. So many great details on this lovely velvet dress :)

  6. Hello my Andre! Yes I would love to picnic. I have a fancy new basket too (as displayed) hehe. Let's do it before it gets sizzlin' hot :)