Monday, January 2, 2012

Photoshoot: Enchanted Grove Part 1

Model Jessica Watson, Photographed & Styled by Tiffany Egbert

After a week of not blogging I have so much to share! This week on top of a mass amount of celebration I managed to fit in two photoshoots with some of my favorite ladies who were my first ever Kitten Paws models. They both have moved away in the last year and a half, Jess to LA and Miss Elina to NYC but were in town for the holidays so a snagged them for a quick afternoon of photoshooting. I decided I'm going to break the shoots up into a few different posts because there were so many great images.

The first shoot with Jess I had her in several different vintage wedding gowns and some new headpieces I had made. Crazy photo shoot story - We shot at is this beaaautiful grove that's on the property of this church called, The Grove. We went inside to say hi and use the bathroom and the Pastor who happened to marry my friend Jess who was modeling the wedding gowns and her husband Adam who was also with us shooting some video, happened to be sitting at the front desk. How weird is that??! This is a church somewhat in the middle of no where that none of us had gone to so I think it was pretty funny and strange. Any who above is probably my favorite piece I shot all week. I'll be sharing more photos in the next few days on the blog and am currently as we speak making a massive shop update. Lots of new dresses, awesome coats and handmade flower headpieces. Check check check it!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Hope you had a wonderful new year :)

  2. These photos are beautiful! I love the background, perfect dress for it too.
    Love it!

  3. Thank you ladies! Jess is an awwesome model and we had so much fun! I had a lovely new year. Hope you did as well!

  4. Love the photos. Very Beautiful.