Friday, March 16, 2012

School Girl Style

I recently found this super cute kind of school girl plaid dress at an antique market and I absolutely adore it! I think it's possible it belonged to an actual 16 year old school girl at some point judging by the tiny neck and arm holes ha. The colors and plaid are more Fall style but the cut says wear me now it's 80 degrees out!

In other news, I'm having one of the best days ever. I just got an offer for a design job at a really fantastic womans magazine and I am ridiculously excited!!! I've been doing a combo of working part time design jobs mixed with freelance and vintage selling and I am super excited to actually be working one place full time with health benefits and an awesome team and a pretty legit product. My life will be a lot more structured and focused which is something I really need ha.  I'll still be blogging and occasionally updating the shop and I'll still have my weekends open for occasional photo shoots which I think will be perfect. I really couldn't be more happy :) :) :) Happy Friday!!


  1. LOVE your dress! And congrats on the job - how exciting :).