Tuesday, January 15, 2013

She's a Free Bird

Over the weekend two dear friends and I set out on an adventure to find snow and take pictures in it. It sounded like quite a fabulous idea to me. I had never shot in the snow (living in the desert and all) and it's something I've really been wanting to do. So I gathered a "winter" wardrobe for the model to wear featuring an array white and blue sparkly dresses and we set off to Payson for 10 degree weather. Holy cow did I dress my girl inappropriately!! The first few shots I honestly thought I was going to kill poor Whitney. It was pretty intense. But the sun started coming out a bit (warming us up to maybe 20 degrees??) and we got the cabin heated up so that in between shots we could take a tiny break from the cold. Wheeeew! It was seriously quite the adventure and I am SO happy with how the shoot came out so it was completely worth it. I'll probably be putting a lookbook together with these since there were so many cool shots. Also, as you may have guessed by seeing the above images, I've been working on some new feather headdresses that will be going up in the shop very soon, yay!

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