Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Andre!!!

Today is my dashingly handsome boyfriend Andre's birthday yay!! Unfortunately I do not get to spend the day with him since he is half way across the world until June :*( We had a pretty nice skype date last night so don't worry it's okay :) Not to be mushy gushy but heres just a few reasons I love him soooo much in no particular order:

1. He's extremely handsome
2. He's a complete sweetheart and treats me like a real lady
3. He gets along with and is so kind to everyone
4. He loves Jesus
5. He's got mad skills (break dancing, kung foo, speaking a million languages- basically he's a ninja)
6. He's an incredibly talented artist
7. He's insanely smart 
8. He makes me laugh soooooo hard
9. He gives the best hugs EVER
10. He has really cool hair. I mean look at it! 

Ten is a nice number so I will stop there, but seriously he's amazing. Happy birthday Love!!! I hope your day is incredible :) 

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