Monday, February 22, 2010

I heart Pretty Pictures

1. I heart these pretty ponies by Ozonda

2. I heart pictures by photographer Yuli Sato

3. I heart this solar system via the Darkest-Black on Tumbler

4. I heart this Truth telling book via NylonParade's Tumblr

5. I heart the ocean pictures via tigermomma's Tumblr 

6. I heart pretty pictures by local photographer Galaxie Andrews (!!)

7. I heart this cute little fox by Marie Ek

8. I heart Pretty ribbons from Ashley's Tumblr

9. I heart this great song made into a piece of art via AppleDay on Tumblr 

10. I heart pretty Shelley via Radar Magazine 

Okay so I just created an account with and I'm having a little bit too much fun. If you haven't been there yet basically it's a visual book marking site where every time you see an image you like on a website you can book mark it and it will save it into your image file along with the url. So often I collect images that inspire me online and I forget where I found them! It's such  a rad site. Also other users are constantly hearting images they like so you're always finding new awesome images :)

In other news it's been raining the last couple of days in AZ (which is kind of strange for it being a desert) so the weekends photoshoot has been moved to Wednesday. I have way too many pretty dresses I'd rather not get muddy :)

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