Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I Wore Today: Where the Sun is Always Shining. . .

So this is my first "what I wore today" post ever! Most of the fashion blogs I follow and love include lots of pictures from the bloggers everyday lives and I quite enjoy looking at them. I generally really like being on the other side of the camera so this is a little bit of a stretch for me but I decided it seems important to show you who I really am and a little bit of my day to day life. The first picture is kind of my whole outfit, and the second picture is me instructing my brother on how I wanted him to take the picture ha. I thought it would be funny to include :)

Although it may technically still be winter (oh wait did the groundhog see his shadow yesterday??) it's pretty much always sunny in Arizona so I am dressed for spring/summer in my bright yellow sundress. After a super cold winter abroad I've found myself really really enjoying and embracing the Arizona sun!

1 comment:

  1. I love the tilt. And that is an amazing color as well, the yellow. I understand perfectly what you mean when you say you prefer being behind the camera, so do I. But I've discovered there lives an amazing posing ego that uhm, takes over every now and then. Also, it's quite fun to have a documentation of how you look throughout different seasons and "eras" of your life. Keep them coming :)