Saturday, March 13, 2010

Local Spotlight: Gospel Lee

Hello all! Just wanted to share some of my most recent creative work. Last weekend I had the privilege of shooting some pictures of my awesome friend Gospel Lee. He's an amazing spirit filled guy with a huge heart and a great ear and voice for hip hop music. He's going to be having his first show as a emcee/ hip hop artist in a few weeks so we took these pics in preparation. He lives in Apache Junction where the terrain is very very desert so it was a lot of fun embracing the cactus filled Arizona landscaping! There were a few times we were both a bit nervous of all the prickliness around us, but we survived, and got some pretty rad sauce shots. Enjoy :)

PS did an awesome vintage shoot w/ Rachel yesterday and should have a bunch of new goods up tomorrow and Monday! Stay tuned!!

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  1. my favorite is the 3rd one. this session is so great.