Friday, April 2, 2010

Windy City Photoshoot with Destiny

Yay photoshoots! I had the privilege of shooting this week with the beautiful miss Destiny and man did she rock it! It was a surprisingly windy day which is something I haven't had to deal with  much in other shoots since Arizona doesn't really have "weather" besides the deadly heat in the summers. I knew I was getting some sweet wind blown hair shots but I really wasn't sure if the garments would be clearly presented enough since they were moving around so quickly with the wind. Turns out the wind was an incredible edition to the shoot,  adding some sweet drama and motion yay! Maybe I should get a wind machine for next time lol! Any ways, lots of new dresses to add to the shop in the next couple of days and I'm sure you will love them :)


  1. i absolutely love the pastel plaid dress at the top! i hope it's my size, bc it would be perfect for a wedding i'm going to in may. lovely shop items, as always!

  2. That black floral halter is absolutely amazing.