Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Bears Doing Things Project

Last night I went to a little reunion with some of my classmates from ASU and boy did we have a silly time. Started out with a mild happy hour and then off to the the ASU graphic design senior exhibit and then out to dinner to eat large bowls of tortilla soup. While we were at dinner for whatever reason we got this genius idea to start a collaborative series of drawings called "bears doing things". It was really funny at the time just trust me. Any who this is my first contribution to the bears doing things project. It's the belligerent dancing bear. He just wants to dance guys. Why won't you dance with him??? Maybe cause he's a big scary bear. Oh and I hope all of you designers enjoy the Papyrus like font. I thought it screamed bear handwriting :)


  1. I can tell you why I wouldn't dance with him, and it's not because he is a big scary bear. I am open to dancing with all of gods creatures. However, I would not dance with him for these reasons. A. He is not wearing pants. A bow tie and no pants? What does this bear think he is, a stripper? B. He is drinking a cosmo. I cannot take a male (of any species) seriously if he is drinking a cosmo. C. He is spilling said cosmo. That means he is drunk. I am not dancing with a wasted bear that is going to spill his drink all over me.

  2. haha those are good pointers robyn! love the blog really great posts especially the photos of the shop items and your outfit posts, great style!