Saturday, June 26, 2010

Exhibition Flyer!

If you are in NYC and you see one of these flyers on the street, you should follow the directions on the back and come to our exhibition July 16-18! One because it's going to be awesome and two because I designed the flyers and they are rad. You will probably end up at home crying if you don't come. There will be that much regret and remorse. Too much awesomeness NOT to handle. End of story :D

PS I redesigned the my lil blog header. What do you think? It will probably constantly be changing. Initially when I started this blog I had a separate blog for my creative work but it was getting kind of awkward to have two blogs so they are both here now which is why I wanted to change the header to something that was more generic all encompassing that said this is the blog of Tiffany and her wacky and creative adventures :) 

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