Friday, June 11, 2010

I've been featured by the Phoenix New Times :D

Hey all! I've been featured by the Phoenix New Times as one of Phoenix's top creatives! How cool is that! Check out the interview here. In other big news  I am leaving for NYC for the summer tonight! Yayyyy!! After lots of support letters, art show fundraisers, custom portraits, generous people and God's grace I am 100% fully funded and super excited! I will be away for 6 weeks and hope to document my adventures on this blog. KittenPawsVintage will still be up and running but I most likely won't  be adding anything new while I'm away. I'm also hoping to redesign the blog soon since it's more than just about vintage. It'll still have the same URL but the header is going say something like KittenPaws the blog so it isn't confusing when I'm blogging about all of the other fun stuff I am doing ;) Thats all the news for now next time I write I will be on the East side! Yayyyy!

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