Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Snow White Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes!

Just wanted to share a few behind the scenes photos from todays shoot! For part of the project I am working on in NYC we are putting together an art exhibition. There are 7 different groups and all were assigned a word to create an art project around. Our word is reunion. We decided to do a project using fairy tale characters who were previously enemies but now have been reunited with the backdrop of a fairy tale family reunion sort of gathering. In this gathering the objects that once brought separation and conflict, in snow whites case a poison apple, now are what bring the two characters together. For this scene we decided that snow white and the witch would be bobbing for apples together. How lovely right|! Other scenes include the tortoise and the hair running a three legged race together, little red and the big bad wolf eating a picnic of chicken wings together etc etc. I won't show any of the final images until after the show, so if you are in the city you should def come out for it! The bottom photo is of myself and my collaborative group members-  super talented photographer Joesph Barbier and rad-sauce illustrator  Natalie Krick. The fabulous witch is played by the lovely Elizabeth Wallace and Snow White by one of my favorite people of all time, Elina Zavala! They all pretty much rock my socks off. Nough said.


  1. what a funny idea, i love it! can't wait to see these pictures!

  2. Great ideas! Can't wait to see the final images. I love the three legged race idea the most <3