Saturday, October 9, 2010

And the light is slowly fading...

Happy Saturday! Just wanted to say hello and post a few pictures of me playing dress up in one of the super rad vintage wedding gowns currently up in the shop. We sort of ran out of light which makes them a bit hard to read but I kind of enjoy the ambiguity and graininess created by the imperfection of not having quite enough light. These of course were shot on my vintage Pentax using Porta NC 400 speed (my new favorite film!). I purchased a DSLR over a year ago and had planned to kind of switch over but it's really not the same at all so I stick to the film when I can :) 

I had a pretty excellent week well balanced with business and leisure. Worked kind of a 9-5 type schedule at Parker Madison which felt very grown up and then had the evenings open to have some fun. Last night I hung out with some out of town friends and went to see the electronic music sensation Phantogram. SO EPIC to my ear buds! The venue the show was held at wasn't really appropriate as it was kind of small and the stage was only raised off the ground maybe 6 inches which made for kind of an anxious pushy crowd as no one could really see well. A couple of dude bros somewhat rudely pushed people out of the way to get to the front which nearly caused some fights. Also at some point a girl decided to unexpectedly crowd surf and I got kicked in the head -awesome. Besides the crowd-iness the show was really great. Phantogram was excellent, the post dance party was really fun and it was great to catch up with friends. 

I'm pretty excited for the upcoming week. Getting together with some friends I went to university with on Monday evening, doing some collab with some creative ladies Tuesday evening and hopefully a photoshoot on Wednesday. I also just found out I'm going to have some photographs up at a First Fridays exhibition in down town Phoenix for the month of November which I'll be beginning to prepare for this upcoming week. So many good things coming up! Even though some things are still a little crazy and out of order its amazing how so much is just falling into place :)


  1. such a gorgeous dress. I wish I had a reason to wear it. it's incredible.

  2. oh wow, can you believe someone actually got married in that? it is so different from today's more sleek designs! it is so beautiful, and you look great in it.