Saturday, November 20, 2010

Local Spotlight: The Gauche Design Show

Just wanted to share some bomb dot com local creative talent! Last night my friend Stephanie Horn AKA Gauche Design had an opening party for her solo design show at Cartel Coffee Lab. Everything looks fantastic and the show was a lot of fun. She's been doing a project over the past year called 365 in which she creates a new creative design piece nearly every day and posts it on her tumblr. Sooo much great work! I highly recommend checking it- you will enjoy much! Also if you are a local go grab some tasty coffee and check out her work at Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe - it'll be up for about a month :) Yayyy Gauche Design!


  1. Great artwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love new and creative thinkers!!!!!!!!

  2. haha you HAD to pick that picture!

    Other than that one, awesome photos :)

  3. Thanks Reva! Stephanie is the bommmb!

    Amber- There were prob more flattering pictures of the both of us but this one was the most fun haha. Love youuuu!

  4. Tiffany, thanks again for coming to my opening. It meant so much to see you there! And I appreciate the spotlight on your blog :) Thanks for being the sweet gal you are!

  5. Of course! It was a blast. Congrats on such a lovely show :)