Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shop Update - Part 1

I have sooo many super cute items to put up in the shop!! This is only the first batch. You may notice there's something slightly different about this shop people! Well real people at least. I'm not committing to this look but it's something I'm trying out. I just acquired a new mannequin as well as some sweet vintage hangers and hat displays which I've used to make this update and I'll use for the next one or two as well. I'm currently looking for a few really cool vintage mannequins but haven't quite found them yet. My lighting conditions are absolutely atrocious so if I make a habit of this I promise the photos will get better (!!) Taking photos of the clothing out in the wilderness with a pretty lady is generally my FAVORITE part of kittenpaws so this form of documentation somewhat makes my heart sad. BUT it is definitely a very clear and clean way to display the clothing which makes it easier on the viewer I supposed as well as a more uniform and organized shop. As of right now I'm thinking I'll try this for the next few updates but also commit to one shoot with an actual model a month for more look book type shots. This way I can put clothing up in the shop must faster and field shots will be more focused. Yayyy! Here's to an experiment..... :D

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