Sunday, January 23, 2011

Courtney Marie Andrews Photoshoot - Part 2

Why hello again! Just wanted to share some more images from the Courtney Marie Andrews photoshoot. I really had trouble editing down to figure out what to share because there were so many lovely images! Courtney is such a natural in front of the camera and it was pretty much the perfect day out lighting wise sooo here we are with a ton of pretty pictures! That is always the best scenario I suppose rather than not having enough :)

I feel like I am so lucky right now to be working on so many creative projects with so many people I really really love and care about. Life over the past several years has been extremely random and I don't think when I graduated from college I expected to be doing all the things I'm doing now. I kind of just planned on getting a 9-5 job at a design firm and living a very scheduled consistent life which would have been nice I'm sure but thats not so much what happened. Instead my work schedule consists of a sort of buffet of creative projects that have me run around the wilderness talking pretty photos of musicians, couples, pretty ladies etc, collecting and selling the coolest vintage clothing, working on freelance design projects for art galleries, clothing companies, record labels, non profits, print shops, and other extremely wonderful companies I really respect and believe in. I feel extremely alive and blessed right now.....


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  2. she's a strange thing,a voice for first,a hook for the soul.