Sunday, February 20, 2011

Expired Polaroid: Ghosts


 Last night I did a little bit of experimentation with some expired Polaroid 669 film and came out with some kind of eerie cool images. I bought several packs of the film for a class I didn't end up taking a few years ago and shortly there after the film was discontinued. I kind of forgot about it and then recently was able to borrow a daylab so I decided to see what would come out. Basically with the daylab you can take images you've previously created and expose them to the Polaroid film which is pretty rad. I initially had used the daylab to create polaroid transfers but this time around mainly used it to create Polaroids of images I had taken.

I was super excited that the film still worked although expired but I was kind of bummed out by the color quality. Here are a few Polaroids I created a few years ago. The film was fresh so the color is way more vibrant.

The expired images definitely have a very eerie ghostly feel to them I'm kind of excited about. I have quite a few more Expired Polaroids but I'll save for another entry as to not further overload with images. If you're interested in seeing some of the Polaroid transfers you can view them here. Hope you all are having a wonderful afternoon!


  1. OOO! I really liked how they turned out, especially the ones of Jess!!

  2. these are incredible. love your blog.

  3. Morgan, thank you so much for the kind words! So glad you enjoy :)