Monday, February 21, 2011

Expired Polaroid Part 2: Courtney Marie Andrews

Just wanted to share a few more shots from my expired Polaroid film play time. These are all of the lovely indie folk rock artist Courtney Marie Andrews I shot a few weeks ago. I think I prefer the original images over the Polaroids for most of these because so much detail gets lost but it's still definitely an interesting aesthetic and something fun to play with :)  I have one more box of film left with 20 shots. The last 20 shots I will ever use Polaroid 669 film which is so incredibly sad. 

In other news the lovely Courtney is currently raising money via kickstarter to have an album printed on vinyl. How wonderful would that be! Anyone who donates $35 or more gets a free autographed vinyl and lots of other goodies. Other incentives for donating include personal concerts via skype and telephone. Go there now and help make this dream happen!!

Also on a side note I changed the layout of my blog a bit. I do this often and it is completely disrespectful to any sort of brand identity I should probably be trying to establish (whoopsie) but hopefully it's an okay change for now.... :)


  1. Oh don't say that I am getting all sad just thinking about it. I've got a box of 55 left over but I can't get myself to use it. I wish the impossible project took on that format. Those polaroid negs are so awesome and I never even had a chance to get into transfers *sniffle*
    I do have a couple of way - way out of date 669er as well though and that is getting played with asap :)

    These are adorable - I love it the way the emulsion rips on the edges. No two alike :)

  2. I love these.
    The new layout looks great by the way.

  3. Thank you both :)

    Stef- Let me know when you get to use your 669. I'd love to see the results :)

    Victoria - I've already changed elements of the layout since I put it up less than 24 hours ago ha. I need to just leave it be for a bit...!