Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art Bomb!

What a fun event! Last night we had our second quarterly annual Art Bomb and it was a blast! We were able to borrow the DayTwelve space which was perfect and a huge blessing. Last Art Bomb  we did sort of yard sale style and the art was on tables. This time we had a gallery to hang stuff up in as well as a kitchen to prepare foods and space for bands to play. Leigh and I had artwork up and Maria and Michelle of Refurban had some kick butt refurbished furniture and clothing. Music was provided by two great local acts Tobie Milford and Hurry the Rising. I think the best part of the evening though was all the great people that showed up. Seriously so many of my favorite people in the whole world all in one space. You made my night :) Such a good time!!

Also we got some press on the New Times! Check it out here: Phoenix New Times

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  1. that's so great!!! Glad you got some press and had a great time there with everyone.