Monday, March 28, 2011

Sun Shine

Outfit Details

Dress: Reef
Studded Necklace: Forever 21
Rose Headband: Kitten Paws (Handmade)
Boots: Vintage

Well the days of wearing tights may be over. It's about 82 degrees in Arizona today but by Friday it's going to be 97 degrees (!??!) Uggg. We completely skip Spring and go straight to summer apparently. I guess it's the price you pay for super mellow Winters. 

This past week has been quite intense. The combination of normal life stuffs, getting everything ready for Art Bomb and trying to find a house to rent out by April 1st has kind of worn me out. But Art Bomb is done and was awesome and it looks like we found a house (turning in the paper work today) so yayy! Hopefully everything goes through okay and I'll be moving in May 1st. Today I really don't have too much on my agenda which feels really really nice. Ahhhh :) I'm planning to mostly focus on Kittenpaws stuff and personal projects which have been much neglected the last few weeks. How was everyone elses week?


  1. oh man. I think it is about 47 degrees here! 97 is really hot though!
    have fun moving!!!
    My week was fun! I am planning on posting about my weekend right now, hopefully.
    I adore your dress. quite gorgeous.

  2. Brrrr! Yeah I really don't have any right to complain. We've had pretty good weather for the past several months so it's about time to suffer a little ;) And I'm check check checkin your blog out as we speak. Looks like a lovely weekend as well!