Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kitten Paws Photoshoot with Brighid


This weekend I got to do a super fun photo shoot with one of my childhood bffs that I had recently come into re-connection with. We ran into each other at a coffee shop a couple months ago and then couldn't stop running into each other. We ran into each other in 3 different cities in the course of about 2 weeks so yeah kind of crazy meant to be or something sort of thing. Any who such a lovely girl and it was so fun to take her portraits and catch up a bit. We found a really really cool new spot in the middle of the desert of course where there were about 4 pretty large abandoned houses in a row. One of them was definitely part of an old dairy and had some pretty epic destruction. There was also several abandoned trailers, a large vintage television outside in the middle of a bunch of trees, a huge empty pool with comical graffiti and my favorite a random hot tub (possibly the original hot tub time machine) just chillin in the middle of the desert. Forgot to get a picture of that but I'm sure I'll be back at that spot again soon.

On a bummer note I've been extremely under the weather the last few days. Pretty much my body is crashing in any possible way it can. First a sore throat then completely losing my voice then throwing up now migraine and generally extreme sleepiness for the past week. Usually my immune system kicks butt but not right now. Ugggg. Please pray that I stop feeling this way soon.....

Ps the spring cleaning sale 25% off everything sale is still going on until Saturday and all the items pictured about and a couple more will be going up in the shop this weekend :)


  1. that spot is a great place for photoshoots, I went there awhile ago for a shoot and it's pretty eerie, but awesome!

  2. You've been there too?? Crazy small world! This spot is pretty eerie yes but so many good textures and backdrops. I looove :)