Sunday, April 17, 2011

Local Spotlight: Photoshoot with Harold Studio

This afternoon I had the pleasure of hanging out at Harold Studio and taking a few photos of pretty jewelry for them. Harold Studio is a unique studio in downtown Phoenix run by the lovely Johanna Ingram for professional and recreational jewelers to take classes or rent out space for all of their jewelry making needs. They have a ton of equipment there and it's a great resource for local jewelers or people interested in making pretty things. Such a cool concept, I don't think there is another studio like it in Phoenix. Above are a few pieces Johanna made and also examples of the kinds of jewelry you can take classes to learn how to make (ooh lala!) She's also hoping to start a class where engaged couples can come and make their wedding rings together. Best idea ever, right?? Sounds like so much fun! Anyways just a little spotlight to say Yay Harold Studio! Another reason why Phoenix is awesome.

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  1. these are stunning earrings!! love & love & love them!!!