Monday, April 18, 2011

Outfit of the Day

Outfit Details:

Dress: American Eagle
Rings: Diana Warner Cocktail Ring + vintage antique store ring
Patent Leather Pumps:  Life Stride

Today was my 3rd interview in about a week in my quest to find some sort of full time grown up design job. When trying to figure out what to wear for these interviews I realized I didn't really have anything I felt like was interview appropriate. Generally when I send out my resume I also send out my portfolio website URL which has a link to my blog so if an employer really wanted to know they could easily find out I have kind of a funky sense of style. Nevertheless I feel like it's always good to play it safe when going in for an interview. After going through my closet and realizing a lot of my dresses are a little bit too loud, have random holes or are made of materials that are not so comfortable in the AZ heat (polyester) I decided to buy a new dress which is what I am wearing today. I found it at Namebrand Exchange which is a second hand resale store so everything is one of a kind and if you find something you love you just have to hope that it is in your size. This dress is actually many sizes too big for me and I'm wearing it backwards because it would be too low if I wore it the right way ha. I just kind of needed something simple, classy and comfortable. I absolutely loved the color and on a day like today where it's about 100 degrees out (plus 20 more in my car) comfort is key :)

1 comment:

  1. That colour is so amazing on you :)
    I would never have guessed the dress was not your size - brilliant!