Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh The Days of Grunge


 Outfit Details

Headband: Hand Made by me
Tank: Vintage threadbare Family Reunion Tee
Pants: F21 Dark Blue Skinnies
Purse: Vintage Fringe via Buffalo Exchange
Stompin Boots: Vintage Cowboy Boots

So most of my outfit of the day posts feature me in pretty feminine dresses but half of the time (like today) I wear jeans and tshirts. Today I was feeling pretty grungy rocker chic so here we are. The back of this tank is  my favorite - there is a watermelon x-ed out hah. Apparently it's one of the Butler family traditions to do a watermelon throwing/smashing contest or something....! Although pretty grunge I still made the outfit feminine by way of flowers in my hair and red lip stick so there is a balance :)

Today has been a pretty low key day. Started off with a brunch of pancakes with granola and blue berries and cinnamon baked inside (so tasty!!). Then hung out one of my favorite coffee shops working on projects and chattin with friends. Now I'm off to do a little shopping at my most favorite thrift store which is closing tomorrow :( soooo sad about it but it'll force me to find new awesome places I guess. Hope you all are having a wonderful Easter weekend!


  1. you make even grunge look so pretty though!!! I remember when my older brothers hung out with their grungey friends in the early 90s when they were teenagers and how nasty some of the girls made themselves look as if they just didn't care about hygiene at all. sad.

  2. Hahahh I guess I'm only faux-grunge. I def don't go to the full lengths of being the real deal if is going to cost me showering ;)