Sunday, August 28, 2011

80s Dance Party!

Last night we had our houses first ever party and it was a RIDICULOUS amount of fun!! It was 80s themed if you couldn't tell and a lot of people got pretty into it. We had dancing of course, food and tasty beverages and a sweet sparkly photo booth / dress up station. I took almost 500 photos during the course of the evening, ohhh my! It was definitely a party to remember and it seemed like everyone had a blast so yayy = success!! Hopefully we will have many more awesome silly themed and unthemed gatherings over the course of the next year :)

Ps if you're a friend reading who was at the party last night thinking to yourself, hey where are all of the fabulous photos of me!?! Don't worry there are about 200 more coming to a facebook album very soon ;)


  1. Oh my gosh! Congratulations on the new house! What a fun way to celebrate <3

    xoxo Coco
    Muffin Top Baby

  2. Thank you lady! Seriously soooo much fun :)

  3. LOVE all the outfits. oh goodness. this is great.