Saturday, August 20, 2011

Not so Mellow Yellow

Hello beautiful friends! I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday! Today it is my plan to go thrifting and then make some new headbands. I made a handful of new ones yesterday including the one pictured above and I plan to actually have some for sale at the next Kitten Paws pop up shop which will be happening in a couple of weeks at a downtown phoenix first friday gallery. Yayy!! I've been planning this for awhile but I think I'm FINALLY happy enough with the craft that I am comfortable selling them :)

I was supposed to have a meeting this afternoon but it got canceled so I have the day to myself. Other plans include doodling, drinking coffee and maybe swimming later this evening. Yay for Saturdays!

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  1. ooo have a great time. I haven't gone swimming yet this summer. This is horrible. . .I used to swim every day for a few years and now I've gone a whole year without swimming. Ahh. Swim for me okay? Congratulations about your Kitten Paws Pop Up shop!!!

    Love all your crowns/flowers and dresses!