Monday, September 12, 2011

8 Mile Hike and an EPIC Weekend

 Photos by Pip Martyn

Went on quite an epic day trip over the weekend to Fossil Springs. Hiked 8 miles. Almost lost a friend who slipped and fell off a cliff and into an enclosed whirpool/vortex/deathtrap. Was luckily saved by another friend, Christian, who had magical toe shoes that allowed him to scale the sides of dangerous mountains and lift him to safety. Played in the water and had fishies bite our toes. Finished the hike, everyone alive and intact, and stopped on the way home to a very *ahem* redneck bar restaurant where the birthday girl of the trip, Sarah, was heckled by a cowboy regular to sing A Capella into a mic "Just a Small Town Girl". Ate pie and burgers then  drove home in possibly, a tornado. Yeah.... EPIC. (I am a woman hear me roar!!)

Please enjoy the sweaty/cheesy photos. 

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