Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspiration: Dreamy Spaces

 Dreamy spaces and amazing ladies: Shae Detar and Hannah Metz

As mentioned in previous posts it is still very very warm here in the desert (AZ) I've started to get really antsy and kind of super bummed out not being able to run a muck in the wilderness taking photos. I had a friend approach me a couple of months ago wanting to do a shoot and have been putting it off because of the heat but I can no longer I NEEED to photoshoot. My soul is going to start being even sadder with out it!

Our resolution, an inside shoot more focused on the styling of the space. Well most focused on the awesome clothing that she designed and will be wearing but also focused on making a cool space because my house just ain't as beautiful as the flowers and the grass and sun and the wilderness. Also I definitely have not mastered the art of non-natural lighting so anything I can do to make a photo more interesting, the better. At some point in the near future I'd like to have a well designed living space that also doubles as a place where I can take photos but right now I'm on a super budget and this space will be highly temporary including many borrowed things. It will definately be a learning experience for sure and I'm super stoked. 

Above are a couple of  ladies with beautiful spaces that I absolutely love and have been inspired by lately :) 

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