Friday, January 20, 2012

Link Love

A few things that have been inspiring me this week:

1. Setting Goals Doing What you Love in 2012  - Fantastic post from designer Nubby Twiglet about Dreaming Big, Setting Goals and Doing what you Love
2. Santigold has a new song out and you can download it for free! Check out the music video too. It's a pretty....ridiculous. Very tripped out microsoft paint style hah.
3. Sounds of the Woods - Gorgeous short film for Nadinoo's Autumn Winter collection
4. Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self Portraits and Counting Over 13 Years - Amazing Self Portrait Project by photographer Jeff Harris
5. For whatever reason I've been craving Tortilla Soup lately. Luckily Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky posted this recipe which I am going to have to try to make this week, mmm!


  1. what a pretty photo! and i'm definitely going to have to check out the new santigold song. :)

  2. You def need to watch the video too. It's out of control! hah :)

  3. amazing photo! Love the light!
    Unfortunately I couldn't find smth to inspire me this week - exams r coming

  4. oh my goodness i have watched that nadinoo video at least a million times. it's so perfect!